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I'm just a design student who likes drawing cute girls a bit too much.

Worked on Skullgirls as a clean-up artist so you might see those cute girls a bit more often.

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Ronpa boyfriends

it is late

Inktober #3

One hour until REJOICE

Inktober #1!

Done with cheap shodo set from Daiso ( ̄▽ ̄)☆彡

Hisashiburi desu ne


"I’m not good at those."
"Neither am I."
"Me neither…"

I’m so happy this is an anime

This isn’t a reblog blog but I need this on my blog

whenever I get stuck months on end on a drawing I start to question whether I can work professionally as an artist at all

I drew a cute 20 seconds Filia

I drew a cute 20 seconds Filia

Aaaand here’s some prettier doodles I did during the concept sessions! That last one took forever to draw xwx

Some of the concepts I did for Eliza~! I’m sorry they look so bad, but I think there’s some charm to my derpy Elizas… no?

Ever since I read about the pchat concept sessions way back when I’ve been dreaming of being part of them. I never thought I’d actually have the chance, so thank you Richard and Alex ;www;~

I’m really glad one of my concepts ended up in the game, and it looks so much better too! ❤


fychan said: But that’s the beauty of game design! ❤ Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a FG that did seamlessly teach you how to play while you played it? Fighting games rely a lot on tutorials, but a smart AI could do wonders about that IMO

Mmm, Extra Credits very…

What I had in mind was something a bit more intuitive and that would focus more on just the fundamentals, but that would still require experimentation and learning from the player. Something like, an AI that would only do slow and spaced moves until you learned how to block them. After it realizes you have successfully blocked their moves for a while, they would start doing mix-ups and cross-ups, and so goes. Of course, all this has to take place in a regular match, because you have to experience it in the same conditions where you’ll use it in the future. Everybody deems Skullgirls’ tutorials the best in the genre, but learning how to block mix-ups in a tutorial is really different from learning how to block during a real match where you have no idea what the opponent will do.

I don’t think the single player being too different from the multiplayer is a bad thing in itself. SSBB had a system similar to what they suggested and it was fun as heck. But as you said, it did nothing to teach the player how to play the “actual game”. But giving the player the chance of getting familiarizated with what they have in a non-intimidating enviroment is a gret start, so I can see some of their suggestions working.

Overall I think the biggest problem with newbies is that many of them start practicing combos and looking at frame data before they can even discern a low from an overhead, so getting them familiarizated with the fundamentals would be my priority!